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SERVPRO of West Somerset County Offers 24-Hour Emergency Services

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

A fire or water emergency is devastating at any time it occurs, but especially after hours. The longer it takes to get the matter resolved, the greater the damage, which is why it is important to know an emergency restoration provider that offers 24-hour emergency services.

Why is Speed so Critical during a Crisis?

Property damage involving water and fire are incredibly invasive. Water will spread rapidly throughout the building, and will be absorbed by furniture, walls, floors and upholstery. The damage resulting from fire will continue even after it has been extinguished. The reason for this is because the particulates and soot which are emitted from the smoke will severely damage metal, fabric and anything that is porous.

Timeline for Water Damage

Minutes after flooding occurs, the liquid will spread all over the building, saturating anything it comes into contact with. The finish on furniture may “bleed” which can lead to permanent stains, especially on carpets. Books, photographs and anything made from paper will warp and swell.

After twenty four hours, the drywall will begin to dissolve and swell. Metallic objects might start to display tarnish, and furniture will crack. Any dyes or inks which are present on clothing and paper will stain and expand. Those who visit the property at this time might also detect a musty scent.

If the water damage hasn’t been repaired between forty eight hours to seven days later, mold will develop which will rapidly spread. Windows and doors will start to warp and swell, and metal will develop rust with corrosion. Paint will blister, wooden objects will warp and swell, and anyone who enters the property at this time is at risk of biohazard contamination. By this point, the restoration cost will substantially skyrocket.

Timeline for Fire Damage

Minutes after a fire subsides, the residue from the soot will settle onto every nearby surface. The soot will react with some materials in a manner that causes rapid corrosion and deterioration. It will become embedded within carpet fibers, drapery and any type of fabric. Materials which are porous will display discoloration.

Hours after a fire occurs, the flooring and wooden furniture might have to be completely refinished, since the soot will start to consume it. Metallic objects will corrode or rust while clothing will be permanently stained. Any nearby walls which are painted will turn yellow in color.

After a week or more has passed and the fire damage has not been repaired, any objects which have been exposed to the soot will be permanently damaged. It is also possible that the building itself might have sustained structural debasement that can make it dangerous to traverse.

As you can see, both water and fire damage is serious and must be addressed as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to restore your valuables, and the costs will rise correspondingly.

Should You Call A Plumber Or Water Damage Restoration Specialist

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

If you have an emergency involving water damage, who do you call? Who's more qualified, in this particular situation, to be the most help: water damage restoration specialists or a plumber?

At some point in your life, you're going to be glad we answered this question for you. Almost everyone has a pervasive problem like water damage at least once. In fact, every year, a water damage insurance claim is filed by one in 50 homes. Rest assured, you're not alone if you find yourself facing water damage.

As to whether to call a water damage restoration company or a plumber, however, it may depend on the type of water damage you experience. To assess and repair damage, you may require a plumber for some types of water damage. A water restoration company will be needed for others.

There are many kinds of water damage from full on flooding to a simple, leaky pipe. Let's take a look at who to call for certain kinds of damage.

Call a Plumber? Call a Damage Restoration Specialist?

A plumber is suitable for minor repair problems and fixes. If standing water or structures come into play, and for more severe issues, you should have the phone number of a reputable restoration company handy.

Let's take a look at what each of these services covers.

Water Damage Restoration Professionals

When excess water caused by natural disasters or plumbing issues requires emergency services, water restoration companies remove items that were damaged, and restore building contents and structures. Professional drying equipment is used by these experts such as air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth and further damage, as well as removing moisture from walls, floors, etc.

Since water damage and fire/smoke damage frequently go hand-in-hand, water damage professionals are also experienced in smoke damage. They also will likely have experience in construction, mold remediation, flood damage, storm damage, and repair.


What is the first and foremost job of a plumber? Answer: find the source of water damage and fix it. Their purpose is to figure out where the problem lies and stop the damage from happening. When it comes to repairing water damage and cleanup, however, plumbers may not be particularly knowledgeable.

Plumbers take care of broken sewer lines, gas lines, clogged toilets, cracked or leaking pipes, and broken kitchen faucets (among other things).

But if desperation grips you and you’re facing issues like frozen water pipes, home and basement flooding, mold, etc., the situation becomes a bit trickier. Deeper than the human eye can see, further damage may lie deep within walls, floors, etc.

Bottom Line

Here's your takeaway: If you experience flooding or leaks, a plumber is going to figure out what the problem is and stop it. However, to restore and repair your property damage, you're going to want to call in a water restoration company. Here's who to call…

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County Repair Your Water Damage

At SERVPRO, dealing with water damage isn't simply a sideline – it's what we do. We have advanced water inspection processes, extraction processes, and state-of-the-art drying equipment. We are locally operated and owned, and, in the water restoration industry, have become a trusted leader. All our technicians are highly trained in water restoration and we are quick to arrive at any size disaster. We offer 24-hour emergency service – because water damage doesn't run on a schedule.

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries!

How Often Should Commercial Carpets Be Cleaned?

10/7/2021 (Permalink)

To project a positive image, every business needs to concentrate on one of the biggest contributors – cleanliness. People assume you're running a business that's productive when your carpet, entryway, and lobby is welcoming and clean. Particularly in areas of high traffic, commercial carpets withstand constant debris, dirt, etc.

In your facility or office, how often do you suppose you should have the carpets cleaned?

Truth be told, there is not a singular correct answer to this question. A unique setting exists in every building. To determine cleaning frequency, however, there are a few guidelines by which to operate. The foot traffic experienced every day has a lot to do with your cleaning schedule. The type of business you run and the type of carpet you have also weigh in. Also possibly related to the operation of your precise business is the type of dirt that is tracked in.

When making a cleaning schedule, keep the following factors in mind.

Questions to Ask

To help determine a cleaning schedule, you want to have the answers to the following questions:

What type of commercial space do you have? Some facilities simply need more frequent carpet cleaning than others.

What kind of foot traffic is experienced throughout the week? Don't just count customer foot traffic. Remember to count staff members as well. More traffic means more frequent cleaning.

What is the style and color of your carpet? The lighter the color and the higher the nap, the more frequently your carpet will probably need cleaning.

Facilities and Carpet Cleaning Scheduling

Here are some various businesses and a suggestion as to how often to schedule carpet cleaning. Keep in mind that many variants figure into this equation, thereby changing the demand for cleaning:

  • Churches – At least once a year, have a thorough cleaning and protecting done. Depending on their size, multiple cleanings can be done on entrances during the year.
  • Schools – Every 3 to 6 months, schools should have carpets cleaned.
  • Office buildings – Every six months to annually, office buildings should clean their carpets. You must also consider what kind of dirt is being tracked in by employees and customers, and the number of employees and customers coming through.
  • Retail stores – Every 3 to 6 months, you should have your carpet cleaned and protected if you experience a high level of foot traffic.
  • Nursing homes/medical facilities – Regarding the sanitation and cleaning of healthcare facilities, there are numerous regulations. It has never been more important, considering the increased awareness of airborne contaminants today, for healthcare facilities to increase their deep carpet cleaning schedules.
  • Bars/restaurants – At least quarterly, carpets should be cleaned and protected in bars and restaurants. Among other things, kitchen grease that gets tracked through and spills make this an essential duty.

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County Clean Your Commercial Carpeting and More

Do you need commercial carpet cleaning? At SERVPRO, we can be of assistance. We can also help with upholstery cleaning, should you feel you can benefit from that. When it comes to commercial cleaning, in fact, we cover all the bases. We service military and government buildings, industrial and manufacturing locations, high-rise residential buildings, big box/large retail stores, hotels/motels, restaurants, and much more.

We don't stop at carpet cleaning, either. We remove graffiti and clean up vandalism, clean up crime scenes, we can handle toilet and sewage overflow, do only removal, clean your drapes and blinds, and more. There's almost no limit to the services we can provide for your business.

Feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries!

Learn How to Avoid Winter Storm Damage

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

Winter storms are a threat to anyone living in the northern hemisphere. According to research, the damage caused by ice, snow and windstorms is right behind tornadoes and hurricanes and may create more than one billion dollars’ worth of property damage, not to mention the lost sales and productivity. Below are some tips for avoiding winter storm damage.

Install the Proper Roofing Material

The roofing material you use should be large and flat with extensive insulation. Those living in areas with lots of tree cover are at particular risk as shady locations have a greater chance of heavier snowfall and buildup of ice, which can cause a phenomenon called drifting. Vents or skylights might have structural weaknesses which can lead to leaks. Any area of the roof which is inadequately insulated will allow the escape of heat, which will cause snow to then melt down and refreeze.

Protect Your Water Pipes

The crawl spaces, attics and exterior walls of many buildings in the northeastern U.S. contain water pipes which are used to bring water to the faucets. If these pipes are not properly insulated, they will freeze and then crack or even break. This in turn will lead to the leakage of water and all the damage that comes with it.

Make sure that the pipes within your home are insulated by using pipe sleeves, and in unheated rooms like the bathroom or kitchen, open the cabinets to allow the warm air from other areas of the building to circulate there. Another tip for preventing pipe freezing is to run a bit of water during ice storms.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Insurance Coverage

Those living in areas which are vulnerable to freezing temperatures during winter need specific insurance coverage. Your policy should contain a term called “named perils” which covers the building and all the content within against damage resulting from windstorms, hail, and ice, sleet, snow, and collapse or water damage.

Trim Nearby Tree Branches

Low tree branches which overhang your property can become dangerous during winter storms, because the ice and snow weight will force the branches downward. This in turn will cause damage to the roof and other areas of the property. Additionally, power lines may become damaged if the branches are not maintained and then tumble downward during a snow storm. Cut every tree branch which is too close to your home especially ash and oak trees since their branches are most vulnerable to breaking off.

Use Insulation to Prevent Ice Dams

Ice dams will appear when departing heat melts the ice along a roofline, causing it to drip down the sides and refreeze. If not addressed, the ice dams can cause roof damage or leakage, and the presence of icicles should serve as a warning. The best way to avoid them is through insulation. Seal the gaps near lighting fixtures to prevent warm from departing into your roof and make sure attic temperatures are warmer than the external air.

An Introduction To Manufacturing Plant Cleanliness

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

When you think of manufacturing plant cleanliness, what comes to mind? A or B?

  1. A plant that offers its employees a healthy, safe, clean, and workable environment?
  2. A plant littered with discarded debris and tools, covered in oil and grease stains, where grime, dust, and soot layer the walls and windows? To top it all off, every now and then a clogged HVAC system sputters to life.

What should come to mind is a manufacturing plant with sparkling windows, clean walls, stain- and debris-free floors, air ducts that flow effortlessly, and machinery that performs admirably.

Considering the above stated scenarios, which location would you rather work at every day? Which type of environment is going to produce the best products and inspire customer confidence? For its proper function, a manufacturing plant’s cleanliness is essential.

Here are some tips to keeping your manufacturing facility as clean as possible.

What's the Importance of Manufacturing Plant Cleanliness?

Why is it important to keep your manufacturing plant clean? Well, health and hygiene come to mind! Why are those so important?

Health and hygiene are crucial to keep your business running smoothly, among other things. Bacteria can easily spread in a large commercial facility that is often utilized especially in common areas such as the kitchens, break rooms, and other staff food preparation/eating areas.. These types of facilities require proper cleaning and disinfecting periodically.

Poorly ventilated plants and improperly cleaned surfaces can encourage health effects.

Additional Reasons for Facility Cleanliness

The following are other reasons to keep your facility as clean as possible. But they are by no means secondary to the above-stated health effects.

  • Positive first impressions
  • Less frequent maintenance
  • Better organization
  • Product quality
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced allergens
  • General safety

Regular Cleaning Is Needed

Regular cleaning is needed in various areas of manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Always try to keep a close eye on the cleanliness of the following:

  • Production surfaces
  • Machinery
  • HVAC system
  • Production floors
  • Windows
  • Storage spaces
  • Carpets
  • Tile and grout
  • Recycling bins and trash cans
  • Restrooms and food prep/eating areas

The best way to stay on top of the cleanliness of your manufacturing plant, warehouse, etc., is to rely on a professional team that can handle the job.

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County Help Guarantee the Cleanliness of Your Manufacturing Plant

SERVPRO of West Somerset County is capable of odor removal, cleaning drapes and blinds, taking care of walls, floors, and ceilings, cleaning upholstery and carpet, biohazard cleanup, and HVAC/air duct cleaning. Does your place of business need any of these types of services? If so, we've got you covered.

Has a fire, flood, or excess water of some sort created an unsafe work environment at your manufacturing plant? If you aren't able to bring employees in because of unsafe conditions, that's money literally down the drain. Don't let that happen!

At SERVPRO of West Somerset County, we send out highly trained specialists capable of handling inspection and damage assessment, water removal and extraction, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and repair, and restoration. The last thing you need is hidden moisture causing health effects after the apparent water damage has been dealt with. Thanks to our technicians and inspectors, we can make sure your plant is fully dried, cleaned, and restored – leaving you, once again, open for business.

We offer 24-hour emergency service when needed. If you've experienced water damage or fire damage, and need cleanup and restoration, don't wait another moment. Contact us today.

Get To Know Our Moisture Detection Equipment

9/15/2021 (Permalink)

If your home or business has experienced a leak (plumbing or roofing), a flood, or some other type of water damage, the most important thing right now is getting that moisture out of your house or building. Even a little bit of moisture can lead to a lot more moisture, structural damage, and some real health effects, if not taken care of immediately. Moisture detection isn't always easy, however, on your own. Sure, you may be able to see a water damaged area if staining is apparent, drips are coming from the ceiling, etc. But water flows according to gravity and that means all sorts of areas could be affected by water damage, but not be detectable by the naked eye.

At SERVPRO of West Somerset County, we have teams of highly trained and educated professionals. They use the best equipment for dealing with storm damage and water restoration. Before you can restore any area, however, you need to find out where the moisture and damage is. That's where some of our most advanced techniques and technology come in.

Is it crucial that you know exactly what kind of equipment we use? Not really. But we’d like to tell you about it anyway!

Moisture Measurement And Moisture Detection Equipment

Before specialized equipment can be used to employ scientific drying principles, equally specialized equipment must be used to measure, detect, and monitor the moisture levels of a property. Infrared cameras and other recent advances assist us in detecting water through a floor, ceiling, or wall. We use the following:

  • To measure the extent of moisture saturation, we use hygrometers, sensitive moisture detectors, and other meters.
  • For thorough water removal, to identify water locations, an infrared camera might be used.

But we don't stop at moisture detection. We use advanced methods and equipment for other processes as well.

Deodorization and Odor Removal

  • Deodorization agents and thermal foggers
  • Air scrubbers

Drying Equipment

  • To pull water vapor from the air, we use industrial grade dehumidifiers
  • To cause water evaporation at a faster pace, high-speed air movers are used

Equipment for Water Extraction

  • To perform efficient water removal, portable and truck mounted extraction units
  • For continuous high level water pumping, gas powered and submersible pumps

Antimicrobial, Germ Asides, and Sanitizing Agent Treatments

To remove and clean contaminants and odors from your property, we may need to use OSHA approved cleaning agents such as the following:

  • To stop the growth of mildew, fungi, bacteria, and various harmful microorganisms, disinfection products are used.
  • To control odors caused by excessive moisture, deodorization products are used.

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County Detect Moisture in Your Home or Place of Business

Our highly trained specialists are well-versed in moisture detection. We are IICRC-certified and specialized in the detection of moisture involving all types of properties. We know, all too well, the stress of having excess moisture and the resulting damage and mold growth in your home. That's why we provide every one of our clients with the highest quality equipment and services available. Please contact us if you have any inquiries!

We offer fast, 24-hour emergency service because we know that leaks, floods, and storms don't only happen during 9 to 5 business hours, Monday through Friday. To respond quickly to your water damage emergency, our highly trained specialists are available around the clock.

Is There A Strong Smoke Smell Caused By A Fire?

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

Unbeknownst to many, many fires occur in the United States every day. The problem is that it is much more common than you think and there is a high chance that you might encounter a fire at least once in your life, regardless of how careful you are. You do not have to be an expert to know that a fire at home can be incredibly destructive to both you, your family, and the items in your household. If the after-effects of a fire are not dealt with in a timely manner, chances are that the damage will become irreversible. Furthermore, the impact of a fire, whether it is a big or small one, can be devastating to you and your loved ones. The effects of fire damage can cause problems even after the fire has been put out. One of these problems include the heavy smoke odor that you cannot seem to get rid of without professional help.

Useful Smoke Smell Removal Tips

If you have ever experienced smoke or fire damage, you would know that eradicating the stubborn smoke smell can be a challenging problem. When your home becomes filled with smoke, the microscopic smoke particles can penetrate porous surfaces and stain any furniture and household items. Effectively removing the smoke smell in your home typically requires the use of proper cleaning agent, equipment, and lots of effort.

In order to remove the unpleasant odor in your home, it important to understand the various factors that will affect this process. For example, it will help you greatly to know about the actual size of the fire, the amount of time that the interior of your home was exposed to the smoke, and also the materials that have been affected by the smoke (different materials react in different ways). Mitigating the effects of fire or smoke damage is not an easy task, meaning that it will save you a substantial amount of time, effort and money when you opt for hiring the services of restoration professionals instead.

Proper Ventilation

Even if you have decided to leave it to the professionals to rid your home of the lingering smoke smell, you can aid this process by creating proper ventilation. All you have to do is open the doors and windows so that fresh air can be channelled into your property. You should also turn on the fans putting them at the highest speeds, and face them towards the windows so that bad air can be filtrated. Doing this does not guarantee that you will be able to remove any unwanted smells however, it definitely helps in reducing it.

Repainting Your Walls

Another good technique to use is repainting. If you realize that the smoke smell is due to the tainted paint on your walls, then covering it with a fresh coat of paint will be extremely effective. First, if you own cleaning products that consist of glycol or ammonia, you can use them to wash your walls. Once you have washed the walls, rinse them and let it fully dry. Thereafter, you should apply a layer of primer that can trap the smell in the paint and cover it up with latex paint of your choice.

What You Need To Know About Storm Shutters

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

Lots of people know that it's crucial to take proper precautions if they live in areas susceptible to hurricanes, tornadoes, or other severe storms. What they may not know, however, is that against water and wind damage, an extra measure of protection is offered by storm shutters. Are storm shutters something you should invest in for your home?

Here, we'll take a close look at storm shutters, their purpose, their benefits, and other ways to guard your house against damage from storms. Finally, we will recommend the best company to contact if you have already received, or receive in the future, water damage from any storm.

Storm Shutters – What's the Point?

We'll put this as simply as possible: To make sure your home doesn't fall victim to excess wind and water damage, storm (or window) shutters are used as a precaution. Additionally, to prevent shattered glass windows and debris from blowing into your home (during high winds), shutters help immensely.

When it comes to storm shutters, however, there are different types. You can choose from a number of styles and materials, depending on the style of your home and where you live. To give you an idea, here are some examples of hurricane shutters:

  • Waterproof/durable fabric
  • Fiberglass
  • Wood
  • Metal

What's more, some shutters cinch up accordion style, some roll down, and some close and lock (like the doors on a cabinet).

Storm Shutter Benefits

Now that you know what storm shutters are, it's time to ask yourself the question, "Are storm shutters something I should invest in?" The following reasons are why storm shutters are great investments, particularly if you live near any coastal area:

  • Especially if hurricane damage isn't covered by your homeowner’s insurance, you can save money on repairs.
  • The overall resale value of your house will be increased.
  • Between potential flooding and your home, an extra barrier is provided by hurricane shutters.
  • Destruction caused by any kind of storm will be greatly reduced.
  • The risk of injury from flying debris or broken glass is decreased by shutters.

Protecting Your Home in Other Ways

To avoid significant storm damage, there are also other ways. By taking the following precautions, you can better prepare for severe storms and hurricanes:

  • To prevent excess flooding, seal door frames.
  • To prevent power shortages, unplug electronics.
  • To prevent wind from blowing outdoor furniture around your house, bolt it down.
  • Used tarps to cover electronics and furniture.
  • In a watertight safe, lock away valuables.
  • Both before and following the storm, take pictures of your home for insurance purposes.

What If The Damage Has Already Been Done?

Now you know storm shutters are a good idea for homes. But what if the damage has already been done? What if a storm hit, you didn't know the importance of storm shutters, and your home received flood or water damage? Don't panic, we've got good news for you.

When you are looking for a quality storm damage cleanup and restoration service provider, and you need some assistance through trying times, SERVPRO of West Somerset County is prepared to help you. If you have water damage, don't wait another minute. Please contact us to find out mor

What Does “Dry Out” Mean In Water Damage Restoration?

9/1/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding is but one cause of water damage. It can also be caused by high humidity, broken pipes, leaks, and more. Inside your home, serious problems can be caused by water damage. The risk of your family’s health is even a possibility! It's important to remember that molds and bacteria love the breeding environment offered by wet and moist areas.

You will likely require the services of a reputable water damage restoration company if your West Somerset County business or home has a flood. Whether it's broken pipes, a storm, or some other cause of flooding, in order to dry out your home sufficiently, and as soon as possible, contact that company. Naturally, we recommend SERVPRO of West Somerset County.

The challenge of overcoming the risks posed by water damage and more can worsen if damp conditions are not taken care of through the use of appropriate drying techniques, advanced knowledge, and proper equipment.

Drying Out Damp or Damaged Areas

It is important, beyond measure, to completely and thoroughly dry out any water damaged area. There are a number of methods through which to do this. Some of them are as follows:

  • Absorb moisture
  • Freeze papers
  • Remove sodden objects
  • Wet/dry shop vac
  • Pump water
  • Dehumidifier
  • Mechanically move air
  • Naturally move air

The level of "dry out" needed will depend on the level of water saturation. This is one reason it's so crucial to hire professionals to take care of water damaged areas. They will be able to thoroughly assess the level of water damage and saturation, and then go about drying it out properly and completely.

No area can or should be restored until it is completely dried out or all wet materials have been entirely removed.

Equipment Is Everything

Your home can be damaged further by DIY attempts to dry out an area after a flood. In the entire water damage restoration process, the "dry out" process is a crucial step. It's the job of professionals to know how to complete this process properly. To ensure an area is completely dry, round-the-clock drying equipment can be employed by water damage professionals. So that you know your home is safe, top-quality equipment is used. Your home will be closely monitored by a team of professionals for humidity and moisture. To ensure everything gets back to its normal condition and is completely restored, adjustments will be made as necessary.

Why Are Professionals So Important?

Hiring water damage professionals is the best option after a flood. There are simply no two ways about it. They have the equipment, expertise, and knowledge needed. They understand many different areas in your home can be affected by water, even if it's only obvious in one spot. If you have a bigger home or massive water damage, the drying out process can be a rough one. But the damage can be properly handled by water damage professionals, and eventually restored to "like new".

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County Help with Water Damage Restoration

Our highly trained specialists are exceptionally educated and well-versed in water damage and restoration. For all types of properties, we are IICRC-certified and specialized in restoration and cleanup. We understand the stress of having water damage in your home and we strive to give each and every one of our clients the highest quality services available. Please contact us if you have any inquiries!

Top Tips To Maintain Restaurant Cleanliness

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

You know how demanding it is if you have work in a restaurant before. The prepping of meals, cooking and serving, it is an essential part of any restaurant management. Another crucial part is the cleanliness of the restaurant. The dining area and kitchen have to be cleaned regularly, not only for the customers but also for the health department. Restaurants can have odor, grime and moisture build-up as heavy foot traffic and food are always in play. There are several tips to keep in mind when serving and dealing your food and customers while still maintaining the restaurant cleanliness.

Preventing Your Restaurant from Getting too Dirty

Having a good cleaning practices or schedule is an excellent way to prevent any dirt build-up in your restaurant. Every waiter, chef and cleaning crew working in a restaurant have a part to play when it comes to the cleanliness.

  • Using effective cleaning supplier is the first step you can take in possibly killing germs and bacteria that lingers in the restaurant. Keep a checklist of all your cleaning supplies and note down the cleaning products that are at half capacity. The dining area’s front door, bathrooms and front of house areas and kitchen have to be regularly clean and disinfect multiple times during the day. When closing, heaving cleaning is needed.
  • The one area that is a target for heavy cleaning is the kitchen area. This is where most food items are prepared and with that, comes all sorts of contaminants. It is the duty of all kitchen crews to maintain personal hygiene by wearing chef’s hat and gloves when preparing any food items. Kitchenware such as pots and pans, oven handles and refrigerator doors have to wipe clean every few hours to prevent germs from contaminating another colleague.
  • Hiring a commercial cleaning crew will definitely help your restaurant cleanliness. They have the proper tools and equipment to handle all types of cleaning challenges.
  • Linens such as tablecloths, napkins, and curtains should always be cleaned and washed daily. Having clean linens are not only for hygienic purposes but also looks good and customers will feel great when entering your restaurant.
  • Perhaps the most basic of task to ensure the prevention of germs contamination but regularly ignored, is your personal hygiene. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water should occur before, after and during your shift. Personal hygiene plays a big part in your restaurant cleanliness. Ensure that hand sanitizers are readily available in every corner of your restaurant so staffs will never again forget to sanitize their hands.
  • Communication is key when it comes to restaurant cleanliness. In any good business, it is crucial to communicate with everyone to establish that they are all in the same page when it comes to personal hygiene and restaurant cleanliness.

Let SERVPRO of West Somerset County be Your Choice for Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Our highly-trained specialists are well-versed in your commercial cleaning needs. We are IICRC-certified and specialized in the cleanup for all types of properties. We dedicate ourselves in providing our clients with the best solutions and have the best cleaning practices and standard. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries!