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SERVPRO Of West Somerset County Is The Expert For Commercial Restoration Services

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

If you have experienced some type of damage in your business facility, you need the commercial restoration services of a fast, reliable, certified company to assist you with restoration and repairs. Whether you need a team to cover disaster recovery, assistance after a storm, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, or something else, the experts at SERVPRO can help. No job is too small or too large.

Before you know it, our dependable team will make your building look like the damage never occurred. We do our best to minimize downtime and lessen interruption to your business as much as possible. The restoration, clean-up, dry out, etc. services we perform are not only done by highly trained staff, they are performed with care and empathy.

Commercial Restoration Services

Whether you've had a fire in your facility or you've experienced a flood, we at SERVPRO invite you to employ our expert staff. We’re here to help you whether you need mold remediated, soot cleaned up, water damage restoration, or some other service related to storms, disasters, etc. Before you know it, we will make your surroundings look like the damage never happened. To lessen the interruption to your business, we make it our goal to minimize time spent on drying out, cleaning up, repairing, restoring, and more.

For West Somerset County and surrounding  areas, we are the go-to service. For more than 10 years, we've been servicing the area, so we know just what to look for.

Services and Staff

If you have experienced water, smoke, storm, or fire damage, and need clean-up services, board up services, restoration, etc., we can help. We also mitigate mildew and mold from businesses.

When it comes to commercial property damage restoration, we employ a highly trained staff. With all the knowledge required to restore your property to its former beauty and functionality, our experts are well-equipped. This can be attributed to not only initial training but that of an ongoing nature. Our staff is trained at our corporate training facility and attends regular IICRC-industry certification.

What's more, we employ a nationwide system of franchises that are qualified to take care of your post-disaster needs.

Turn to Highly Trained Individuals for Reliable Service

Included in our training program is the following:

  • Continuing education classes
  • E-learning
  • Initial franchise training
  • Employee certification training

IICRC training introduces and instructs employees regarding best practices where fire restoration, water restoration, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, mold remediation, and other restoration/cleaning services are concerned.

Modules of certification training include the following:

  • Water restoration
  • Fire restoration
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Crew training

What's Involved in Continuing Education?

Included in continuing education courses are the following:

  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • A non-credit course: Mitigation Awareness Response Seminar
  • Restorative Drying for Loss Control
  • Water Damage Restoration

Why SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration and Repair?

When water or flood damage occurs at your West Somerset County commercial property, we respond immediately with specialized, trained technicians. But why should you choose SERVPRO over others? Here are just a handful of our attributes.

Experiencing Storm Damage? Try SERVPRO Of West Somerset County To Enjoy Peace of Mind

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Have you experienced storm damage or damage of another nature to your home or business? If so, you need a restoration service that's reliable, fast, and certified to assist with drying out, making repairs, replacement, and restoration. Whether you need assistance after a storm, disaster recovery, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, water damage restoration, or something else, the SERVPRO experts can be of assistance. No job is too large or too small.

Faster than you can even realize, our team of dependable experts will return your home or business building to its former beauty and functionality. It will look "Like it never even happened." Knowing how important downtime can be to a business and a family, we do our best to minimize the process and lessen the interruption to your life. With expertise, care, and empathy, our technicians will get the job done in an expedited manner – but completely and thoroughly, as well.

Time Has Been Our Teacher

Our technicians go through high levels of training and certification – but our company has learned through time and experience, too. If nothing else, hurricanes like Irene and Sandy have taught us well. Knowing that storms and other natural disasters can happen at any time, we are always prepared.

So we can better address entire property saturation, standing water, and more, we have acquired the leading equipment, tools, and technology to deal with storms and their effects. We know it's not a matter of "if" disaster happens – we are prepared for "when" disasters strike. We can address thousands of saturated material square footage with hundreds of dehumidifiers and air movers. If possible, we will preserve whatever materials we can, but are prepared to remove and dispose of materials that cannot be salvaged.

Additional Services Related to Storms

At SERVPRO of West Somerset County, we offer a number of services related to storms, flood damage, etc. These are as follows:

  • Commercial building storm damage
  • Building services
  • Odor removal
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Sewage clean-up
  • Mold remediation
  • Care for belongings
  • Water restoration process
  • Disaster recovery team
  • Storm and water damage tips

Disaster Preparedness

Storms, floods, and other disasters don't wait for bankers’ hours. Fortunately, neither does the expert team at SERVPRO. Our highly trained technicians offer immediate emergency response, and are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Storm Damage Specialist Training

We have not only specialized expertise, but advanced training as leaders in the water and storm damage industry. What's more, the level of hands-on experience we offer is exceptional. To quickly dry your home or business, we use experience and training. Before you know it, your commercial building or residence will be restored to its former beauty and functionality. The following specialists will assist you:

  • Applied structural drying technicians
  • Water damage restoration technicians

SERVPRO – Handling Disasters and Storms

Some restoration companies are overwhelmed by flooding events and storms. We, on the other hand, utilize Disaster Recovery Teams for major disasters and storms, as well as country- and state-wide resources involving no fewer than 1,700 franchises. This isn't our first time at the rodeo! We know what to expect, what to do when disasters occur, and always perform in expert and expedited fashion.

For businesses – time is money. For families, the faster they can get back into their home, the better.

Don't wait another minute to contract storm damage restoration services for your West Somerset County business or home. Contact us today.

What Are The Processes Involved In Drying Out Your Home?

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Drying out your home after a flood (from a storm, plumbing leak, etc.) can be a real chore. In many cases, it is best left to trained, certified professionals. Naturally, some people attempt to dry out their home on their own, without consulting the experts. Whether they're trying to save money or are simply avid DIYers, they feel they can do the job adequately and appropriately. This may well be the case. But trained professionals with certifications, the right technology, advanced equipment, and more, will likely do a more thorough job in as little time as possible. They will even go so far as to sanitize areas where needed.

If you have experienced a flood or water leak in your home, should you tackle water restoration on your own? Let's look at what's involved.

Evaluation of the Site

The first thing you want to consider is the type of water involved. Within the industry, category one water is referred to as clean. Category two, however, is contaminated on a minor basis. Black Water, or category three, is considered to have come from a source that is contaminated.

There are requirement standards to deal with each type of water. Affected area pressurization, personal protection gear, and special precautions are required when dealing with water sources that are considered contaminated. For category three or category two, it's always best to use a professional.

Additionally, you must be aware of a musty/mildewy smell or visible mold. It's growing if you can see it or smell it! You might also have to worry about asbestos being present, particularly if your home was built or remodeled before 1978.

Extracting the Water

Whether or not floor coverings stay or go can depend on the category of water referred to above. To get the water out of padding and carpet, you'll need a weighted extractor. No shop vac or conventional vacuum can do the job adequately.

If you have solid wood flooring, the only way to get under that is with special equipment.

Mapping Moisture

You have to know all of the areas of your home that got wet before you can be assured everything is dry. For an extended period of time, this could mean making your way around the premises on your hands and knees. Hopefully, you’re well-versed regarding building materials, tools, etc. To reduce assessment time, wireless monitoring systems, thermal imaging cameras, and more can be used. The experts have those handy. Do you?

Stabilization of the Environment

Air movers and dehumidifiers will be needed to stabilize the environment. Again, the experts have these on hand. Even if you use fans, dehumidifiers, etc., you may still experience a mildew/mold problem that could remain hidden until it's too late.

If you have filed a claim with an insurance company due to water damage, you may have no choice but to go with a professional for water removal and restoration services. Truth be told, this is the best way to go no matter if it involves an insurance claim or not.

Have You Experienced A Flood or Leakage?

If your home has been flooded, you've experienced a significant leak, had a fire extinguished, or some other source of water has infiltrated your area, you could well be in the market for water extraction and other services.

Not only does all of the water need to be completely and totally extracted, the area must be 100% dried out. After that, restoration has to take place. You may even need the area sanitized! That's a lot to deal with. Why not leave it to trained, certified professionals for guaranteed results.

Contact us today at SERVPRO to dry out your home.

How To Keep Yourself Safe During Fire Damage Restoration

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

In the aftermath of a fire, very often, there can still be toxic chemicals and gases lingering in the air. This is why you should always keep yourself safe during fire damage restoration. If it is necessary for you to return to the scene of the accident, such as to retrieve your items, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep yourself as safe as possible. Children and pets should not be allowed back on the site under any circumstances, until the all-clear has been given.

Minimize Exposure to Contaminated Areas

Of course, you should not be returning to the site unless absolutely necessary. This is so that you can avoid breathing in contaminated air that can be harmful for you. If you have to return, avoid any areas that have soot, ash or smoke odors. If soot or ash comes into contact with your skin or hair, wash with mild soap and water immediately. Air scrubbers with HEPA filters should be set up in any enclosed spaces with a lingering smoke odor.

Wear Protective Equipment Before Entering

At the very least, you should be wearing a mask when conducting post-fire clean up or entering an area with smoke odor. Individuals with heart or lung disease should consult their physician before donning a mask and if at all possible, avoid entering the area altogether. It is recommended for personal protection equipment (PPE) to be worn when entering smoke damaged structures, including a respirator with a P-100 HEPA filter.

When sorting through items, avoid coming into direct contact with items that have been affected by soot, ash or smoke. If these items have to be retrieved, always ensure that you have on the adequate PPE such as coveralls, gloves, eyewear and more before doing so.

Best Practices for Cleaning Up

When cleaning up in the aftermath of a fire, the aim is to avoid getting ash in the air as much as possible. To this end, avoid using leaf blowers and other devices that can potentially blow ash into the air. Shop vacuums and vacuum cleaners for residential cleaning should also be avoided as they do not filter out small particles. On the contrary, these particles get blown out through the exhaust where they can be inhaled.

Engage Fire Damage Restoration Services from SERVPRO

If your property has recently underwent a fire, you will be looking to hire fire damage restoration services to get it up and running again. To this end, SERVPRO is your one-stop shop. Our 24-hour emergency service means that our staff can get to your premises quickly and start work as soon as possible. Our fire restoration technicians are highly trained and receive ongoing education to keep abreast of the developments in the industry. Not only do we do our job well, but we also care about our customers. If you have any queries or would like to book a service, please feel free to contact us now.

Was Your Home Hit By A Flash Flood?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

If your home has been hit by a flash flood, you may be at a loss what to do. Of course, you will have to call in the storm and flood damage restoration professionals as soon as it is safe to, but what can you do in the meantime? In this article, we share with you some best practices to follow in the event of a flash flood.

Stay Connected

Stay tuned in to local radio and TV, that will alert you when the dangers are over, and it is safe to go out again. Dangers may still be present even if the flood waters have receded somewhat, so never assume it is safe to go out without the all-clear.

Safety First

If you see any sparks or broken wires, or smell burning smoke, turn off the electrical systems if it is safe to do so. You should vacate immediately if you smell natural gas or propane, on top of calling the fire department.

In addition, you should not try to drink tap or well water until it has been declared safe for consumption. At this point, you may not yet know whether the water has been polluted with human waste, fuel, and other contaminants. Do not use this water to brush your teeth or even wash your hands. If you have access to an undamaged water heater or ice cubes, use these as your water supply temporarily. Boiling or bleaching water can help to get rid of some contaminants, however, take note that these methods may not make it completely safe for consumption. Any food items that have come into contact with the floodwater should be tossed out.

Travel with Caution

If you absolutely must travel, always do so with extreme caution and keep away from moving bodies of water, no matter how shallow. Just six inches of moving water is enough to knock a person off their feet, and a few feet of water can carry away moving vehicles. Wear sturdy shoes and ensure you have a stick or pole to help you gauge the depth of water and firmness of ground before moving forward. Contaminated water, debris, electrical hazards, and eroded walkways can also lend you in serious danger.

Engage Flood and Storm Damage Restoration Services from SERVPRO

If your home has sustained damage caused by a flash flood, our restoration technicians at SERVPRO are ready and able to assist with the restoration process. When you engage our services, you can be assured that we have the tools and equipment necessary to address the issue of standing water within a property. Our technicians are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, as we understand that floods and storms do not wait for normal business hours. Not only do we do our job well, but we also care about our customers. If you have any queries or would like to book a service, please feel free to contact us now.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Water Damage Restoration

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

Many people may associate water damage with heavy storms and floods. Did you know that most water damage cases result from household problems such as damaged pipes, sewage backup and leaks? When that happens, do not put off water damage restoration. The longer you leave the water there, undrained, and undried, the higher the chances of secondary damage occurring. This can lead to further complications and higher costs down the road.

The Dangers of Secondary Damage

Secondary damage refers to problems that arise as a result of water not being gotten rid of promptly. Even if you have managed to drain most of the water, the fact remains that substantial damage may already have occurred to your ceilings, walls, and floorboards, possibly affecting the structural integrity of your property. In addition, water damage can also result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can pose health effects to occupants.

What to Do When Water Damage Strikes

At the first sign of water damage, you should be ready to spring into action by following these simple steps:

  • Identify the source of the water and stop it if possible. For example, if a pipe has burst or is leaking, take temporary measures to block off the source of water before the professionals arrive.
  • Take photographic evidence of the damage that has occurred. This will help your insurance claim. Do not attempt to move anything until this step is completed.
  • Contact your insurance company and a reliable water damage restoration professional. The sooner they can arrive, the sooner you can get your property back to normal and process your claim. You should also take the chance to ask your insurance provider what steps they require you to take in order to make a claim.
  • If possible, start drying out your premises within 24 hours of the incident. Remove furniture and bring in fans and dehumidifiers. This can go a long way in reducing the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Although you can get started with drying before the professionals have arrived, the truth is that water damage restoration professionals have specialized equipment at their disposal that can help you handle any complications. This is one area where it definitely does not do to skimp and save.

Engage Water Damage Restoration Services from SERVPRO

If your property has recently sustained water damage, SERVPRO is your one-stop shop for water damage restoration. When you engage our services, you can be assured that our 24-hour emergency service will get us to your doorstep as soon as possible. Our water damage restoration technicians have expertise in advanced water extraction and inspection besides having a wide range of drying equipment at their disposal. Not only do we do our job well, but we also care about our customers. If you have any queries or would like to book a service, please feel free to contact us now.

5 Common Causes Of Household Fires

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Fires are extremely dangerous and can spread very quickly. Household fires are especially deadly because they can endanger everybody living in that home, especially young children, or the elderly living inside. It can also result in a lot of monetary damage. When such fires occur, it is important to call for professionals to help with fire damage restoration. While your insurance can help to mitigate some of the losses resulting from the fire, it is a much better idea to prevent these fires from happening. Read on to find out some of the most common causes of household fires.

Cooking-Related Fires

Fires related to cooking make up about 50% of household fires. These fires usually come as a result of the stove or oven overheating grease. When it hits a certain temperature, grease becomes extremely flammable and can combust even without coming into contact with flames. Fire that results from grease is also difficult to smother. To prevent such a fire, ensure that you never leave the kitchen unattended when cooking oily, fatty foods are when oil is used in your food.

Fires Resulting from Heating Appliances

Some heating appliances are prone to causing fires, including home space heaters and baseboard heaters. Fires occur if combustibles are left near these heaters. Cooling and heating appliances have also caused a considerable number of household fires. If your heater requires fuel like kerosene, you have to make sure you keep an eye on it as the heater can explode or ignite if homeowners are negligent. Furthermore, electrical heaters can also cause fires if there are problems with the electrical wiring.

Fires from Electrical Faults

Electrical faults in the wiring of the home can also result in fires. These fires usually occur due to short circuits which ignite the surrounding materials. If the circuit is overloaded, the wires will overheat, resulting in a higher chance of a household fire. Ensure that these circuits are checked and maintained regularly to lower the chances of such a fire.


Smoking is not only hazardous to health, but it can also even potentially cause household fires. When cigarette butts are not properly disposed of, they can catch fire. The most dangerous thing to avoid is smoking in bed. One single stray ash has the power to ignite the carpet, the blanket, the mattress and more, making the home prone to household fires. If needed, smoke outside or smoke over the basin.


Candles are also one of the common causes of household fires. Combustible materials are fabrics near the candle can catch fire if there are strong winds, or if left unattended. Furthermore, lighters or matchsticks used to light these candles up are also highly flammable. If you have a candle at home, you should keep it at least 12 inches away from materials that have a risk of igniting.

In the case that a household fire has broken out, after you have contacted the fire department, you should also contact professionals for fire damage repair and restoration. SERVPRO has a team of experts that can help to quickly assess the situation and carry out the necessary repair works. We respond quickly to calls for help, and also provide a 24-hour emergency service. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our fire damage repair and restoration!

How To Protect Your Home From Hurricane Damage

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

What Are The Main Causes Of Hurricane Damage?

Although hurricanes are necessary to sustain our ecosystem, they are life-threatening and destructive. Better understand more about the different types of hurricane damage and how you can better protect your home against hurricanes in future.

What Are Hurricanes?

The characteristics of a hurricane are storms that rotate rapidly with strong winds, a spiral arrangement thunderstorm with heavy rain, closed low-level atmospheric circulation with a low-pressure center. They are part of Mother Nature’s way to sustain our ecosystem but can prove to be highly destructive.

Hurricane damages can result in physical, economic, or emotional hardships. Some of the most destructive and well-known hurricanes are called Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey. Both hurricanes caused property damage worth a total of $125 billion.

Types of Damage Caused by Hurricanes

  • While windy days are highly welcomed, especially on hot summer days, strong hurricane winds have enough power to uproot trees and other types of debris. When picked up by the hurricane wind, it can send them hurling through the air at dangerously high-speed.
  • Storm surges are known as one of the deadliest damages by hurricanes. In an analysis of tropical cyclones which have occurred between 1963 to 2012. Storm surges are caused by strong wind which causes the sea levels to rise rapidly, pummeling and engulfing anything in its path.
  • Flooding is a result of the prolonged rainfall that often comes with hurricanes. The most significant floods were caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They hold a record of cause floods that go up to 50 inches high. This is extremely damaging to vehicles, vegetation, and lower-level buildings.
  • With the speed of hurricane winds, multiple small tornado paths may be created. Again, this causes trees or even homes to be uprooted, creating even more windborne debris.

How to Protect Your Home from Hurricane Damages

It is important to proactively protect your home from potential hurricane damages. If there is an impending hurricane, board up your windows and be sure to stock up on items such as generator fuel and emergency supplies. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, look out for hurricane prep lists to check what you are missing. Other ways of protecting your home includes installing impact windows and doors.

What Can SERVPRO Do for You?

SERVPRO of West Somerset County is always prepared for the likelihood of responding to flooding incidents resulting from severe storm events. We have acquired the industry’s leading tools and equipment to properly address flood damages that may span up to thousands of square feet.

Our water restoration teams have also traveled to coastline townships to assist in drying and repairing homes after Hurricanes Sandy and Irene. If your home has been hit by a hurricane or a flood, you can depend on SERVPRO to respond immediately. Our highly trained specialists are available 24 hours, seven days a week to assist you.

Time is of the essence when it comes to water damages

Understanding Fire Damage Restoration Processes

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Meta: As a homeowner, it is important to be prepared. Find out more about fire damage restoration processes to understand and react swiftly if a fire occurs in your property.

Understanding Fire Damage Restoration Processes

You should never try to attempt fire damage restoration after a fire has occurred. To ensure that your home is safe again, it is important to reach out to a professional fire damage restoration professional to carry out the proper fire restoration process required. As a homeowner, it is important to understand how these processes are carried out.

Confirmation That Property Has Stabilized

The first step to a professional remediation process is to check if the property has stabilized enough for safe entry. A professional will check for signs of damage to the home’s structure and inspect the property carefully from the outside before opening the door. It would be advisable to wait for an inspector to consider the property safe to enter before you do so.

Damage Control

Be cautious of soot stains, rust, corrosion, mold, mildew, and the air quality in the home. Even after the fire has been extinguished, smoke and soot can cause further damage to your home.

  • Soot stains are caused by soot which adheres to the surface and discoloration occurs. Depending on material and time elapsed, soot stains may be removable while soot stains may be permanent for other materials.
  • Mold and mildew form quickly after a fire has occurred due to the fire extinguishing process. If there has been signs of water damage, proper damage restoration processes should be implemented as soon as possible to minimize further damage.
  • Rust and corrosion refer to the risk of any metals that become oxidized after interacting with water. This is important to take note of small electronics with metal. If components in the electronics corrode, please notify your restoration specialist.
  • Air quality is one of the areas which professionals focus on, especially when lingering odors are detected. Smoke damage cleanup is often done with the use of an air scrubber and air mover.

Removal of Items Damaged Beyond Repair

For personal possessions that have been damaged beyond repair, they should be removed with extra caution by a professional. This is especially important for electrical appliances or machines. Conversely, items that have not been damaged by the fire should be removed as well to prevent further contamination.

Cleanup Excess Water and Wet Surfaces

Standing water needs to be cleaned up as soon as possible because water may damage your walls or flooring.

Deodorizing, Deep Cleaning, and Stain Removal Begins

Once the damage has been assessed, professionals will begin the appropriate damage restoration process for the property. Taking into consideration the level of damage, they should consult with you to work out the level of priority to work with and you should receive regular updates from them.

Why Work With SERVPRO?

Immediate action is crucial when dealing with fire damage. If you have experienced fire damage to your home in West Somerset County, reach out to us immediately. Our highly trained fire restoration specialists will be dispatched as soon as possible to assist you. Time saved in getting a response team on site equates to lesser damage caused to your property. If you would like to find out more, contact us today!

Clearing Dust In Ducts Can Aid Mold Prevention

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

Are you dealing with mold in your home? In this article, we will explain how clearing dust in vents and ducts can aid mold prevention. Read on to find out more.

It is common for homeowners to deal with mold in their vents and ducts. Having a mold problem in the home is not only unsightly and annoying, but it can also cause reduce the quality of life for those who are living there. However, it is not easy to get rid of a mold infestation. This is why it is crucial to prevent mold from growing in the first place. In this article, we will explain how clearing dust in vents and ducts can aid mold prevention. Read on to find out more.

Importance of Cleaning Vents and Ducts

If you own an HVAC system, you might be familiar with how easily mold colonies can form in the vents and ducts. An HVAC system that is not cleaned regularly and has humidity issues provides mold with the ideal environment to thrive. When mold starts growing in the vents and ducts, it is possible that the mold growth can spread an unpleasant odor to the adjacent rooms. As time passes, the mold may be able to spread across the entire ductwork in the home. This will greatly affect the indoor air quality which will reduce the level of comfort in your home.

Causes of Mold in Vents and Ducts

Mold grows well in moist conditions. Vents and ducts are especially prone to moisture accumulation when cold air travels through them. Due to the area being enclosed, the water in the vents and ducts starts collecting instead of evaporating. With dead skin cells, dust, and other dirt, the vents and ducts become very suitable for mold to grow.

Identifying Mold in Vents

In some cases, you can see mold growth in the form of black streaks in the vents and around ducts. However, mold growth can also be hidden from plain sight. If you smell a musty odor, it is a sign that there is mold growing in your home. In addition, as the air quality becomes poorer, an even bigger problem may just be waiting to form. You may eventually realize that the comfort level in your home is slowly deteriorating.

How to Keep Vents and Ducts Clear

To keep the vents and ducts clear, condensation must be reduced in the ductwork. You can do so by insulating the air ducts. To increase the rate of evaporation and prevent water from pooling, try placing dehumidifiers near vents and ducts. For a greater peace of mind, consider getting a professional mold prevention and removal company to conduct a check on your ductwork annually.

Professional Mold Prevention and Removal

SERVPRO provides professional mold prevention and removal services. Our team is highly trained and experienced in dealing with mold using specialized mold remediation equipment. With our commitment, you can trust us to restore your home if there is a suspected a mold problem. Contact us today to let us know how we can help you.