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Professional Debris Removal is Ideal for your Somerset County Home

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

What you see here is the charred remains of the interior of a home. SERVPRO of West Somerset County is who you want to call if your house ever looks like this after a fire.

One of the initial steps to recover any structure fire that affects the communities of Hillsborough is fire debris removal. Because of how threatening these conditions can be, most insurance companies have this step covered in even basic levels of home insurance policies. This coverage encourages homeowners not to attempt this restoration on their own and to rely on the expertise and safe approach of our SERVPRO professionals.

Fire debris cleanup in Hillsborough homes should happen as promptly as possible, so we encourage property owners to reach out to us directly after a fire. We have established business relationships with every insurance company in the region, meaning that we can work with our customers and their provider to get services approved and paid for, even after some of them have already completed. Choosing professional debris removal and cleanup benefits your home in numerous ways.

Reduces Noxious Odors  

Smoke odors are a common challenging threat after a fire in any structure. Rubbish and charred remains of contents and specific structural elements can amplify these scents. Removing the debris can eliminate several sources of continued harsh odors. We can bag and remove or for large jobs, we can set a dumpster on the property to contain the debris.

Allows for Thorough and Complete Inspections

Damaged construction materials and piles of debris restrict access to our SERVPRO technicians. Once we have taken the time to eliminate the piles of debris or rubble, our team can better inspect walls, flooring, ceiling, and other areas that might require controlled demolition.

Reduces or Eliminates Hazardous Particulates 

Soot and smoke residues can collect most dangerously in the ignition site and the immediate vicinity. With the health threats that these particles can cause, it is safer for our team to reduce the presence of these microscopic respiratory risks by removing debris from your damaged property.

Debris removal is almost always one of the first steps and services that you need to secure once a fire gets extinguished. No matter how severe this threat, you can reach our SERVPRO of West Somerset County 24/7 to make it “Like it never even happened.” We can help, however, you need, when you call (732) 805-9944.

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Is Demolition Cheaper than Remediation for Somerville Restaurants?

11/25/2020 (Permalink)

A look inside our storage facility! A look inside our storage facility where we keep the equipment.

When water losses or mold damages occur to your Somerville restaurant, you get fixated on whatever steps are necessary to get your doors back open and to limit the spread of the damage in your building. More to this point, you are looking for whatever puts the public relations fire out if the word begins to circulate about the discovery of mold in your eatery. You need the most efficient path to clearing out the hazards, and it might not always be the option you think. 

Mold damage in your Somerville restaurant threatens your ability to serve customers and patrons, and when left unchallenged, it can become a costly situation to remediate and restore as well. Remediation tactics can help to address colonization using proven techniques and methods, many of which can successfully restore and recover damaged materials without demolition. Abrasive cleaning techniques and potent antimicrobial products are prime examples of these alternative strategies. 

There are many instances in which demolition, especially controlled removal tactics our in-house general contractors utilize, can be a more cost-effective and streamlined approach to remediating mold. Construction material removal is not an uncommon need after loss incidents like mold growth. It is a direct path to removing colonies spreading along with organic materials in the water-damaged areas of your restaurant. With a team of qualified contractors to immediately begin build-back after preliminary remediation tactics, reconstruction can often be less time-consuming and costly than recovering installed materials with abrasive blasting techniques or sanding. 

This same practice can more directly deal with mold growth on wooden booths, tables, chairs, carpets, and sensitive materials. Though actions like our pack-out procedures can remove susceptible contents before migrating mold colonization can damage the materials, this same practice can also remove at-risk furniture and fixtures to a safer location within the building or to our SERVPRO facility for safekeeping. 

Your restaurant cannot often work around the presence of mold, as this is a violation of strict guidelines for food and beverage establishments. Our SERVPRO of West Somerset County team can help you to get control of this situation and remove colonies to get your restaurant back to normal quickly. Give us a call anytime at (732) 805-9944.

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Being Prepared for the Next Hurricane Season

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

Prepare yourself next hurricane season and call professionals at SERVPRO of West Somerset County. Image of standing water. Prepare yourself next hurricane season and call professionals at SERVPRO of West Somerset County.

The most recent hurricane season was the worst one we've seen yet. In the past few years, Somerset County has been hit pretty regularly so it helps to be prepared. SERVPRO of West Somerset County has plenty of experience with storm damage starting with Hurricane Floyd back in 1999, so we know well what likely causes of damage can be. The following tips can prevent the stress of having water where it shouldn’t be.

Inspect your sump pump

  • Protect your contents, structure, and peace of mind by making sure that your sump pump is functioning as it should before the rain starts.

Check your insurance policy coverage in case of wind or flood damage

  • After the storm isn’t the time to find out the damage to your property isn’t covered.

Trim all trees and shrubs

  • Any dead limbs can be a danger, but pay particular attention to trees close enough to your house or power lines to cause damage if limbs fall.

Use surge protection on all major appliances

  • If the power goes out they could be damaged by a surge when the power resumes. Consider a whole-house surge protection system to safeguard your expensive equipment.

Check your carbon monoxide detectors

  • They should be checked twice a year, with one on each floor of your house. Power outages can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels.

Prepare your roof

  • Even small issues can cause large damage in heavy rain or hail. If your roof needs to be replaced, consider getting one designed to be hail resistant.

Add storm shutters

  • Shutters that can easily be pulled closed to protect your windows can prevent broken glass or leakage.

Clean your gutters

  • Blocked gutters can send water where it shouldn’t be, potentially damaging your siding, foundation, and landscaping.

For more information about personal preparations for your family and pets, check the following:

National Severe Storms Laboratory

NOAA Hurricane FAQs

Sometimes storm damage happens despite your best efforts and preparations. When it does, call SERVPRO of West Somerset County 24 hours a day at 732-805-9944 and we will come dry you out!


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Commercial Ceiling Repair

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial ceiling after we performed cleaning services. Commercial ceiling after we performed services, no visible damage afterward.

This particular job was for one of our clients who experienced troubles after a pipe burst in their parking garage. Not pictured here is the damage that took place on the ceiling of the garage. The ceiling had air pockets that were swelling up with water inside them. This type of damage can lead to a number of other issues including mold. Our client was lucky they called us when they did or this could have gotten much worse.  Our crew went in with SERVPRO tools and the damage was fixed hastily. The picture on the right is the ceiling once it’s been patched up and restored to its original condition. Our client was very happy with the results and noted that it was done way sooner than anticipated.

This Area in Your Hillsborough Home Gets Hit the Hardest with Flood Damage

11/24/2020 (Permalink)

Flood damage is one of the most stressful and severe events a homeowner can face. The loss adds up quickly, and in cases of groundwater, even a small amount has the potential to leave behind catastrophic damage. 

When a Hillsborough home has flood damage, first and foremost, the cleanup needs to begin as soon as possible. SERVPRO technicians advise homeowners to avoid contact with groundwater and only stay on-site if it is safe to do so. 


The technicians have extensive experience handling all types of water loss, including groundwater, which carries a rating as a category three biohazard. They have the safety and professional extraction equipment to manage the water removal cautiously and efficiently. 

Tracking Floodwater

Using their state-of-the-art moisture detection equipment, SERVPRO technicians identify all areas of excessive moisture and extract as needed. 

Controlled Demolition is Common

Depending on the type of flooring, it may be a loss. Carpet and padding saturated by groundwater have no restoration potential and require removal and disposal. Tile and other hard floorings might respond to disinfection and cleaning if the subflooring remained dry. 

The clean cuts on sheetrock often seen in flood loss properties (aka "flood cuts") performs the dual function of allowing greater airflow during the drying phase of mitigation as well as halting any further water wicking into the sheetrock. 

Make Ready for Reconstruction

There are several considerations to handle before a flood loss property is ready for rebuilding. SERVPRO technicians ensure that the residence has no danger for mold infestation, no foul odors, and is completely dry. 

Lessen Stress for Rebuilding 

Through their general contractor license#13VH05228000, SERVPRO offers homeowners the ability to get any needed repairs or reconstruction handled after the restoration services complete. This service takes the anxiety out of finding and vetting a contractor for any rebuilding required. 

At the first sign of flood damage, contact SERVPRO of West Somerset County at (732) 805-9944. The technicians have the training and equipment to make the water loss in your home, "Like it never even happened."

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The Advantages of a Regular Industrial Cleaning

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

Many of us spend a significant amount of time at our workplace, so it is important that the office is not riddled with filth. If you are working in an industrial setting, it is crucial that things are arranged in a clean and organized manner. Using an industrial cleaning service will definitely assist you in keeping your workplace environment in ideal condition. So as to ensure that the industrial facility is kept in a pristine condition, you will have to engage a professional cleaning provider. An industrial cleaning service can bring about several benefits and advantages. Here are some of the best perks you will enjoy.

Eco- Friendly Service

Many manufacturers are usually very considerate about the condition of the environment. In order to preserve the state of the environment, industrial cleaners often use cleaning solutions that use minimum amounts of energy. Industrial cleaning professionals generally depend on the use of personal protective equipment. This machinery will ensure that any chemicals or other harmful pollutants will not contaminate plants and airflow.

Low Maintenance Solution

With a professional cleaning partner helping you, you will not need to worry about having to purchase a number of cleaning supplies. Industrial cleaners are usually equipped with the necessary tools and materials required to clean every part of the industrial setting. Industrial cleaning is definitely not rocket science, but it is a corrective action that needs expert knowledge and care. Hence, you should expect to receive a quality service for minimal maintenance cost every time.

Safer and Healtheir Work Environment

A clean environment also means a safe environment. Employers consider public health as an important priority. In an industrial setting, one critical priority is clean personal hygiene. An unsanitary work environment will encourage the spread of allergens, germs, and diseases rapidly. Cleaning and restoration specialists help to get rid of harmful bacteria in your workplace, encouraging better health and limiting the spread of diseases as well.

Long-Term Cost Efficiency

A premium quality cleaning provider will manage each and every aspect of the facility, even the areas that may be hard to reach. With an experienced and qualified cleaning provider taking care of the necessary things for you, you will no longer have to make emergency appointments to clean up your things. All cleaning services are all-inclusive, helping you save much more money in the long term.

Keeps Things Organized

Industrial cleaning providers are in charge of the maintenance of your entire facility. With a trusted partner helping you, you will not have to worry about your stuff being disorganized and untidy. Not only will your things be kept in a clean and tidy fashion, you will also have a peace of mind knowing that everything will be arranged in the right place. This will then help to increase the efficiency of your entire operations.

Experienced and Proficient

Industrial cleaners are usually seasoned and experienced professionals. Rest assured that your facility will be in good hands as it is cared for by a qualified service provider.

If you are hoping to engage a cleaning service that is suitable for industrial facilities, do not hesitate to contact our team of professionals and experts here at SERVPRO in Manhattan. Our team of professionals are licensed and experienced in carrying out high quality industrial cleaning services. What are you waiting for? Contact us today!

What Exactly Happens During Mold Remediation?

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

No one enjoys unexpected surprises when there is any work done in the home. It is a disruptive situation regardless of the type of project. In the case of mold remediation, you will be having strangers in your home using serious chemicals. If you have a better idea of what exactly happens during the mold remediation process, you will definitely feel less stressed and more relaxed. 

Firstly, you will need to do a few things before the workers arrive:

  • Fix the water issue that led to the mold growth. Mold remediation is a costly process and you will not want to do it over again.
  • Make a clear path for the workers to move from the outside to the mold area and back with ease. For example, clear the cars from the garage and driveway.
  • Keep any pets out of the way, either in the yard or in a room where the doors are closed.

Use Biocide to Kill Mold

  • Company starts preparing

The company will be parking a truck near the doorway and place plastic sheeting on the floor. Next , they will run hoses across the house to the affected area. When the mold area is easily accessible, it is much easier to do the necessary work. Engaging a good mold remediation company will ensure that your house is kept clean while the necessary work is being done. Suiting-Up Process

Just like any other potentiall hazardous process, like the removal of asbestos or lead-based paint, mold remediation workers will need to fully suit up for the process: from head to toe with white suits, respirators, booties, and goggles. This does not always mean that the mold remediation company is in charge of getting rid of mold. This is the standard operating procedure for all the work that they do. 

  • Spray Down

The initial step of the two-step process is to use a biocide to spray the mold area. Biocide refers to any EPA- approved liquid which is meant to kill mold. Do take note that the EPA does not approve using bleach for getting rid of mold. Usually, this first step should take shorter than the next step.

  • Wait

After the workers have left, the biocide will start working, hence killing the mold spores.

Spray Mold Area with Encapsulant

The next day, the mold remediation company will come back and as usual, clear access is required. The workers will be spraying the mold area with a type of whitewash or paint that encapsulates any mold spores remaining. The mold remediation company should make sure that they spray well beyond the area where mold is growing make sure that there will be no more growth of mold. For instance, if only a restricted area of an attic shows signs of mold, the entire attic should probably still be sprayed down. This is more ideal and you should check in with the company if they are doing this.

If you think that you may be experiencing symptoms of mold exposure in your homes, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts here at SERVPRO.

What is Causing That Lingering Odor at Home?

10/2/2020 (Permalink)

When a new smell enters our homes, it is difficult to not notice. Some new smells and aroma like fresh-baked cookies or homemade pies are welcome. Others, we would choose to avoid, such as spilled milk or peak accidents. When you are faced with a mysterious and lingering odor, what can you do? How do you tell which smells are a cause for concern and which are the ones that can be easily resolved with a quick cleaning? In this article, learn more about the different causes of lingering odors in your home and what are the ways to get rid of it.

Could the Lingering Odor Be Dangerous?

When you experience a mysterious new smell in your home, the first thing you should do is check if it is causing any immediate danger to you or your loved ones. There are some lingering smells which could be a sign of serious health effects and special attention should be given to them. While maintaining the indoor air quality is important and should be a priority, you should always pay special attention if you experience any of the smells mentioned below.

Signs of an Electrical Fire: A Burning Smell

There are a number of reasons why you may smell smoke in your home. Although you may not see a fire, there could be one in the wall or behind the outlets. When electrical wiring begins to overheat, there may be a burning smell as a result. You should check if any of the outlets are sparking, particularly if you observe that the smell only comes when you are using a specific outlet or appliance. However, if the burning smell is very prominent and you are not able to exactly determine the source of it, the safest option is to immediately evacuate from your home and call 911 once everyone is safely outside. Do not return back to your home until the fire department has done their checks.

Musty Smells

Musty smells, at times compared to the smell of mothballs or wet cardboard, are usually a result of mildew or mold in your home. If you observe a musty smell, it could be due to the presence of microbial VOCs that are emitted by mold. Constant exposure to microbial VOCs may lead to a number of health effects, so any potential growth of mold should be checked as soon as possible.

The first step you should take to get rid of the musty smell is to find out where the smell is coming from. Check if there are any plumbing leaks under your bathroom sink or kitchen. There may also be problems with the condensation buildup or gutter in your HVAC systems or windows. Most tiny household mold issues are safe for people to clean on their own. 

Sewage Smells

At times, you may experience a sewage smell near your sink or in the bathroom, especially if the room has been vacant for quite some time. There is a pipe known as the P-trap that makes use of water to prevent sewage smells from coming up through the pipes. If the pipe has already dried out, there could be nothing preventing the sewage smell from coming into your home. Running water in the bathtub or sink or flushing your toilet for a while can help to reintroduce water into the system and solve the issue. If this does not work, you will most likely have to engage a professional for assistance.

Lingering odors can have a number of causes. The most important thing is to take action and solve the issue as soon as possible. Here at SERVPRO, our team of professionals understand that time is of the essence when dealing with any lingering odors at home. Work with our team of experts to design a plan to resolve your problems. 

Hurricane Season 2020

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

Image of a Hurricane Courtesy of Pexels. Image of a Hurricane Courtesy of Pexels.

The 2020 Atlantic hurricane season is in full swing. This season has had tropical cyclone formations at an unprecedented rate. So far, it has featured a total of 24 tropical or subtropical cyclones, 23 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes. Are you prepared for a hurricane? Continue reading to learn ways to prepare yourself and your property for this type of storm.

Create An Emergency Ready Plan

At SERVPRO we belive individuals should always be prepared for a storm and should have a place in place in case your home or property is in the path of a storm. A few basic items to include in an emergency ready pack are backup generators, flashlights, batteries, dried goods. It is also important to have a route planned on where you will go, and how you will remain in contact with the members of your household. 

Get in touch with a member of our team to schedule a free phone consultation about Emergency Ready Plans: 732-805-9944.

Clearing the Smoke and Soot Damage After a Somerville Fire

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

Visible smoke and soot damage on ceiling. This was the state of the ceiling before we came in to do cleaning services.

The residues left in your Somerville home after a fire do not clean up simply by using conventional techniques and products. When homeowners try to remove the soot coating every surface, their efforts frequently make things worse rather than better. Our technicians master techniques during the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training that rid your home of the different types of soot household fires produce. 

Depending on the materials fire damages in your Somerville home, the smoke and soot produced have different qualities. Our well-trained crew members evaluate the characteristics of the soot space to space throughout your home. Each of our crews has Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) certified by the IICRC at the scene of your disaster. 

When a fire burns fast and hot, often seen with paper and wood, the residues are light and ashy. SERVPRO employees know to use dry sponges and a light brushing action to loosen the soiling, vacuuming up the dry debris. Thick, sticky soot deposits after electrical or slow-burning fabric fueled fires need more aggressive action, including agitation and pre-treatment with products containing surfactants and wetting agents to loosen the residue. 

We frequently address protein-based soot as kitchen fires are commonly the source of the disaster. Food and grease produce a thin, lacquer-like coating that has a strong odor and is difficult to remove. SERVPRO crews employ abrasives and solvents to remove this coating, taking care not to damage further the surfaces involved.  

Soft materials damaged by soot need specialized care during cleanup. SERVPRO has resources available for laundering items that are washable and dry cleaning others. Furnishings can respond well to foam cleaning; the product brushed on to absorb the soiling and then lifted off. 

At our production facility, we have tools, equipment, and skilled technicians who use a variety of innovative methods to clean and restore household and personal items damaged by the fire. SERVPRO invests in ultrasonic cleaning and other immersion tubs and other systems that clean, dry, and restore items damaged by smoke and soot. Many of the articles you fear destroyed can be brought back to function and appearance using our training and state-of-the-art equipment.

SERVPRO of West Somerset County is ready to help you recover from the devastation of a fire. Call us at (732) 805-9944 day or night to set up an assessment. 

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