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What Should You Do With Smoke Damaged Furniture

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

Before assessing your furniture after a fire accident, ensure that it is safe to do so and that the fire has been completely extinguished. For most furniture, it is possible to salvage and restore them if they have not been burnt badly by the fire. Furniture that is still intact in a fire may contain lots of smoke and soot particles especially if they are near the fire. Before cleaning and restoring smoke-damaged furniture, you should always ensure that your house has good ventilation by opening the doors and windows. Alternatively, you could also bring the furniture outside of the house for cleaning.

Secondly, it is advisable to wear protective equipment such as face masks and gloves when cleaning the furniture as there could be numerous soot and smoke particles released during the cleaning process, which will affect your respiratory system. If you are unsure of what to do, it best to call a fire restoration specialist due to their specific expertise and advanced equipment. This guide aims to explain how you should treat the different kinds of furniture that have been damaged by smoke.

Leather Furniture

When dealing with leather, the leather mustn't get too wet during the cleaning process, and you have to be gentle as leather material can be scratched easily. Use the flat brush attachment to vacuum up the smoke and soot particles. Hold it above the surface instead of directly onto the leather furniture to prevent scratches. Gently wipe down and clean the furniture using a soft cloth and leather cleaner. Afterward, mix equal parts of vinegar and water to make a solution. Use a different cloth to wipe the furniture using the solution. Vinegar helps to deodorize the smoke smell. Afterward, wipe down the leather furniture using water. If the smoke smell persists, sprinkle baking soda onto the entire surface of the furniture and let it sit overnight. Vacuum the baking soda using the flat brush attachment the next day and repeat this process if necessary.

Wood Furniture

Use the flat brush attachment to vacuum up the soot or you could also use a duster to do so. Afterward, use a dry chemical sponge to remove soot embedded in the grain. Wipe down the furniture and move the rag along the grain to prevent scratches. Let the furniture sit for a few minutes before wiping it with a damp cloth. After letting it dry, use a high-quality wood conditioner or polish to restore the wood finish on your furniture. Make sure to follow the instructions on the product used.

Fabric Covered Furniture

The fibers present in fabric furniture are very efficient in trapping smoke and soot particles. If left uncleaned, these particles could gradually be released and pollute the air. To clean fabric furniture, use the flat brush attachment to vacuum up the soot. Sprinkle baking soda into the entire surface of the furniture and let it sit for 24 hours. Vacuum up the baking soda and repeat this process. Remove any removable covers and wash them in cold water using a detergent that is specially designed to remove smoke odor and vinegar. Hang the covers outdoors to speed up the drying process and remove any odors. Lastly, you should spray the fabric furniture with a product designed to deodorize smoke-damaged fibers.

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